Competition Rules

The Shamrock comprises three events: Middle Distance, Classic Distance and Chasing Start.

The Chasing Start

Start times for the Chasing Start on Day 3 will be calculated based on your performance on Days 1 and 2, relative to the other people in your course or class.

The ten course leaders (on courses 1 to 10) will start in a mass start at 10.00am on Day 3.

To estimate your start time for Day 3, ask yourself how much longer you were than the course winner, based on your two-day accumulated time. This means, for example, if you were running M35 on Course 2, you would also need to look at results for class M40L. Consider, for example, that you were 12 minutes slower than the course leader after the results for Days 1 and 2 are combined. This means that you will be starting at 10.12am.

IMPORTANT: From past Shamrocks, we have noted that some class leaders may be substantially behind the course leaders after Days 1 and 2. Therefore, for some classes, we plan to index their chasing start time to a time other than 10am. This should lead to more exciting chases on Day 3! For this reason, it is vitally important to check your Day 3 start time on the evening of Day 2. The start times will be available in the event centre on the evening of Day 2, and available online.


Peter Parker ran M60 on Course 4, and after Day 2 he was the class leader with a total time of 1:55:00. Bruce Wayne also ran M60, and after Day 2 he was coming 2nd in the M60 class, with a total time of 2:05:00. However, their friend Lois Lane ran W21L on Course 4, and after Day 2 she was the course leader, with a total time of 1:05:00. The organisers decide to index the M60 class to 10.15am (please note that 10.15am is only an example!). The Day 3 start times for our friends become:

Lois Lane (W21L) 10.00am

Peter Parker (M60) 10.15am

Bruce Wayne (M60) 10.25am

Orienteers who are more than 45 to 60 minutes behind the course/class leader will be sent off at approximately 1 minute intervals. The exact “chasing interval” mentioned here of 45-60 minutes will be decided by the organisers to facilitate chases in most classes.

Winning the Shamrock

The finish control will be situated over the line at the finish, ensure you punch the finish control once you cross the line.  In all classes, the winners and placings will be decided by the first person to cross the finish line on Day 3.

Terms and Conditions
  • In the interests of livestock welfare and future orienteering access to these areas, dogs will not be allowed on the competition terrain. When in the assembly areas, we request that dogs be kept on leads and under control.
  • Entry details will be stored on a computer. This data will not be used for any purpose other than matters related to this orienteering event, and will not be shared with any unrelated third parties. It will not be possible to process an entry for anyone objecting to having their details so recorded.
  • The organisers reserve the right to withhold all or part of the entry fee in the event of cancellation.
  • Orienteering is an adventure sport. Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety.