Day 3:

Shamrock O-Ringen Chasing Start
Monday 1st June

Directions & Parking


Starts and Finish

Start times
Lists of Start times will be available at the event centre on Sunday evening, or online here.
Day 3 will use a Chasing Start, based on competitors' performances on Days 1 and 2. 
The first Chasing Start will be at 10am for course winners.
However, Class Leaders who are considerably behind Course Leaders may be indexed to a time other than 10am. Therefore, it is very important that you check your Day 3 start time on the Sunday evening, as you may be starting earlier than you think.
The chasing start will be for 45-60 mins and thereafter at minute intervals. Most competitors should have started by 11.30.

A 5-minute call-up will be in operation. It is your own responsibility to be on time for your start.
Because it's a Chasing Start, i.e. timed start, there will NOT be an SI Start Punch on Day 3.
Because there is no start information on your SI card, i
nformation from previous events can corrupt the results. 
Therefore it is critical that you clear your SI card before you start. It is the competitor's responsibility to make sure this is done.

Course Closing times
All courses will close at 1.30pm.

Assembly Area / Information
An information desk will be located in the assembly area, for the payment or rebate of monies, SI card hire and return, and T-Shirt sales. Printed results will also be displayed in the Assembly Area.
If you have hired an SI card, please return it after you have downloaded on Day 3.

After finishing, you must download your card at the SI Download station before going back to your car/changing. There will be a single Download point located next to the Finish, please ensure you make your way DIRECTLY to it before going back to your car. 
Failure to comply with this could lead to WASTEFUL & UNNECESSARY "search & rescue" operations being initiated on your behalf - you will also be disqualified from the competition. 
All non-finishers must report back to the finish & SI download station.
If you have hired an SI card, please return it after you have downloaded on Day 3.

Safety Information
Whistles will be compulsory on all three days of the Shamrock O-Ringen, and a ‘No Whistle, No Go’ rule will be strictly enforced.  Full leg cover is obligatory. 
All competitors should carry a compass and be able to use one. 
Absolutely no dogs will be allowed on the terrain.

Clothing Transfer
There will be no clothing transfer.

Portaloo toilets will be situated near the assembly area.

Control Descriptions
Loose control descriptions will be available at the Start areas.

Course Classes  Length Climb Number of Controls 
Map Scale
(5m contour interval)
1 M21E

2 M21L, M35, M40L

3 M45, M50, W21E, W35

4 M21S, M40S, M55L, M60, W18, W21L, W40L

5 W45, W50, W55L

6 M16, M65, W21S, W40S

7 M70, W16, W55S, W60, W65

8 M75, W70

9 M14, W14

10 M10, M12, W10, W12


The winners of the Shamrock in each class will be determined by the first person to cross the Finish line at the Chasing Start event.

The Shamrock 2015 Prize-giving ceremony will take place in the Assembly Area at 1.30pm or earlier if possible.  Please stay around and collect your prize if you think you are eligible for one.

Bank Holiday Monday

Note for international competitors: Monday June 1st is a Bank Holiday in Ireland. As well as banks, many shops, pharmacies etc. will be closed. Petrol filling stations usually remain open.

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