General Information

Event Centre 

The Event Centre will be open on Friday 29th May from 4.00pm-8.00pm, where t-shirts and BBQ meal vouchers will be on sale, and queries regarding the competition can be answered.

The Event Centre will not be open during the competition times. An information desk will be open in the assembly areas on each day, where we will be happy to answer your queries. T-shirts and BBQ meal vouchers will also be on sale at the information desk.

Start Times

Start times for the middle (Day 1) and classic distance (Day 2) events are now available on the Fabian4 website.

Day 1 start times will be between 13.00 ~ 15.00

Day 2 start times will be between 11.00 ~ 13.00
Day 3 start times will be between 10.00 ~ 12.00 (NB Course leaders will start at 10.00)

Day 3 start times will be available here.

Start times will also be available at the assembly areas on each day.


SPORTident (SI) controls will be used on all three days of the Shamrock O-Ringen.

SI Cards will be available to rent at a cost of €2 per day.

Safety Information

Whistles will be compulsory on all three days of the Shamrock O-Ringen, and a ‘No Whistle, No Go’ rule will be strictly enforced. Full leg cover is obligatory. 

Competitors should also assume that cagoules will be mandatory in the event of bad weather.

All competitors should carry a compass and be able to use it. 

No dogs will be allowed on the terrain. 

Orienteering is an adventure sport and all competitors take part at their own risk.


In the event of an emergency, please telephone 999 or 112 to reach the Gardaí (police), ambulance, fire brigade or coastguard. 


Special edition Shamrock O-Ringen 2015 T-shirts will be on sale in the event centre. 

There will be a limited quantity of t-shirts, so it’s first come, first served! Please pre-order online.

Control Collection:

If you really liked the areas and want to experience it again, you can volunteer for control collection by emailing us at


If you are bringing a motorhome or campervan, you must inform us so that we can show you where to park on all 3 Days and you may have further distances to walk to assembly areas. 
We would appreciate if orienteers would make every effort to car pool. Please obey the parking marshals.

Bank Holiday Monday

Note for international competitors: Monday 1st of June is a Bank Holiday in Ireland. 

As well as banks, many shops, pharmacies etc. will be closed. Petrol filling stations usually remain open.