Day 1 - Cobduff

Shamrock O-Ringen Middle Distance
Saturday 30th May
Planner: Bernard Creedon
Controller: John Walshe
Organiser: Robert O'Connor

Results from Day 1

Day 1 Safety Notice
The first day of this year's event is taking place to the North of the main Bantry to Glengarriff road, about 3 kilometers from Glengarriff. Under no circumstances is it permitted to stop on this busy & potentially dangerous road, to park or even to drop off or collect competitors. This instruction carries with it disqualification in the event of contravention.

Car Park
This will be on the premises of the Glengarriff GAA Club/Community Park, about 1 kilometer East of Glengarriff village (that's before you reach Glengarriff if approaching from the Bantry direction). The Assembly Area will also be located within this car park. The car park is to the North off the main road and will be well signposted. If travelling from Bantry, we would advise you drive past this junction into Glengarriff village to turn, and then drive to the East to avail of the safer left hand turn to the North to the car park.

Minibus Service
There will be a free minibus service from the car park to the road from which access will be to the starts on the mountainside. This service will commence at about 12.30, and will continue until about 16.00 (4.00pm), so the earlier finishers may have a lift back to the car park. The later finishers will have a downhill walk of about 1.5 - 2.0 kilometers back to the car park. They must walk on the North side of road, facing on-coming traffic.

There are two starts. A near start (S1), for Courses 9 and 10, is about 20 minutes' walk from the minibus drop-off point. 

The far start (S2) for Courses 1 to 8 is located further away and considerably higher. Start S2 is about 35 tough, uphill, minutes walk from the minibus drop-off point.

Competitors should carefully check their start times and plan to take the minibus from the car park about 45 minutes before their designated start time.

Finish and Clothing Transfer
This is en route to both starts. You can leave your clothing here, or else walk back up the hill (5 minutes or 15 minutes respectively) to collect clothing left at the starts. There will be no clothing transfer, so clothing is your own responsibility.

Start times
Start times for all courses are from 13.30 (1.30pm) to 15.30 (3.30pm).
The start list is available on the Fabian4 website.
A 5-minute call-up will be in operation. It is your own responsibility to be on time for your start.

Course Closing times
All courses will close at 17.00 (5.00pm).

Assembly Area / Information
The Assembly Area will be located at Glengarriff GAA grounds, Irish Grid Reference V 943 567 
(51.75269N, -9.53102W).

An information desk will be located in the car park, for the payment or rebate of monies, SI card hire and return. Printed results will also be displayed in the Assembly Area.

After finishing, you must download your card at the SI Download station before going back to your car/changing. There will be a single Download point located on the steep narrow road from the Finish, and within 200 meters of the finish itself, before going back to the drop-off point or commencing the walk back to the car park.
Failure to comply with this could lead to WASTEFUL & UNNECESSARY "search & rescue" operations being initiated on your behalf - you will also be disqualified from the competition and become subject to significant costs imposed by the SAR people.
All non-finishers must report back to the finish & SI download station.

Terrain Safety Information
Whistles will be compulsory on all three days of the Shamrock O-Ringen, and a ‘No Whistle, No Go’ rule will be strictly enforced.  Full leg cover is obligatory. 
Competitors should also assume that cagoules could be mandatory on Day 1. 
All competitors should carry a compass and be able to use one. 
Absolutely no dogs will be allowed on the terrain.

Club toilets are available in the clubhouse in the car park/assembly area. 
Note: Use the toilets at Assembly as there is absolutely no cover on the steep slopes where the starts are located!

This is typical West Cork terrain – all rough open with lots of marsh and rock. Going can be tough, especially if there is rain during the previous week (This has been known to happen in this mountainy area!). 

Control Descriptions
Loose control descriptions will be available at the Start areas. Symboled descriptions are on all maps with loose English Text descriptions for Courses 9 and 10 available at Start.

CourseClasses LengthClimbStart 
Map Scale
(5m contour interval)
6.2km190mS21:10 000
2M35, M40L5.8km180mS21:10 000
3M18, M45, M50, W21E4.9km140mS21:10 000
4M21S, M55L, M60, W18, W21L4.2km130mS21:10 000
5M55S, W45, W50, W55L3.8km110mS21:10 000
6M16, M65, W21S, W40S3.3km90mS21:10 000
7M70, W16, W55S, W60, W652.9km60mS21:10 000
8M75, W702.4km60mS21:10 000
9M14, W142.7km90mS11:10 000
10M10, M12, W10, W122.2km90m S11:10 000

Table Quiz
There will be a table quiz on the evening of Day 1 in aid of the Irish Junior Orienteering Squad at the Glengarriff Park Hotel with a start time of 8pm.  Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Traditional  Music  Session
There will be a traditional Irish Music session held in Nicky's Bar at Glengarrif Caravan & Camping Site from 9.30pm until late on the night of Day-1, May 30th.