Day 2 - Shrone Hill & Glengarriff Nature Reserve

Shamrock O-Ringen Classic Distance
Sunday 31st May

Planner: John Chandler   
Controller: Thomas Callery
Organiser: Rob McEvoy

Results from Day 2:

Directions and (lack of) parking

We look forward to welcoming you to our Long Distance competition on Day 2 of Shamrock O-Ringen 2015.

There will be two starts on Day 2:
- Low start (S1) in Glengarriff Nature Reserve for Courses 9 & 10, approx. 200m from Assembly Area
- High start (S2) on Shrone Hill for Courses 1 - 8, approx. 1km (+ 100m climb) from Assembly Area

Car parking at Glengarriff Nature Reserve is VERY LIMITED. Therefore, we are suggesting that competitors on Courses 1 - 8 who are staying in Glengarriff please WALK to the Start, following the instructions below. 

The limited parking spaces in the Nature Reserve may be up to 2km from the Assembly Area, and up to 3km from the High start on Shrone Hill. In contrast, the High start is a 2.2km walk from Glengarriff graveyard.

WALKING DIRECTIONS to High Start (S2, Courses 1 - 8)
(distance from Glengarriff graveyard: 2.2km, 120m climb approx.)

- From the graveyard in the centre of Glengarriff, walk SW for 500m along the R572, crossing the bridge and passing Rockwood House B&B. Please walk on the right hand side of the road, to maintain a view of oncoming traffic.

- Just before the 60 kmph speed limit signs, turn W on to a minor road (signposted "Walk No. 3 State Forest and Lady Bantry's Lookout"). 

- Continue walking a further 1.3km uphill along this minor road, which swings around to the NW direction. Please note that this is a minor road and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a car be driven along this road, because there is nowhere to turn and nowhere to park.

- As the road turns to face West, competitors will be met by a marshal. At this point, competitors can drop a small bag which will be transferred to the Assembly Area. From this point, competitors may walk 600m to the Assembly Area (where toilets will be available), if they so choose. Otherwise, competitors will be directed to an off-road path that leads to the High Start on Shrone Hill.

- Upon leaving the road, competitors should follow the taped route along the path for a further 400m (+ 65m climb) to reach the High Start on Shrone Hill. Competitors should not stray from the taped route, as they will be passing through competition terrain.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS to Low Start (S1, Courses 9 & 10)
(distance from Glengarriff graveyard: 1.6km)

- From the graveyard in the centre of Glengarriff, travel 1.2km NW along the N71. Please note that this is a busy, narrow road and competitors should NOT walk along the N71 to the Starts or Assembly Area.

- Turn left, following the signs for Glengarriff Nature Reserve. Please follow the instructions of the parking marshals. Parking is very limited in the nature reserve and there are few spaces close to the Assembly Area. Please be prepared to park up to 2km from Assembly Area.

Shrone Hill is formed from heavily-folded Devonian red sandstone, extensively smoothed during the last Ice Age. The terrain consists of intricate contour and rock features and flat marshy areas which tend to have thicker vegetation. Conditions underfoot vary, with sloped hill sides being generally faster than flatter areas. Courses 1-8 visit Shrone Hill and finish in the nature reserve. Overhead powerlines and single trees on Shrone Hill are not mapped.

Courses 9 & 10 are completely within the nature reserve. Glengarriff Nature Reserve is the remnants of Lord Bantry's hunting estate. It consists of mixed woodland and contains one of the few remaining native sessile oak woods in Ireland. Due to the generous quantity of rainfall, vegetation tends to be quite thick with an understory of young birch and holly in the mature areas. There are also small areas of mature coniferous trees which are quite fast underfoot. Severe storms felled a number of mature trees in recent years these are marked on the map as green 'X's when individual, or as 'walk' when areas of felled trees occur together.

Out-of-Bounds Areas
This event is possible thanks to the co-operation of Glengarriff Nature Reserve and Coillte, and this co-operation is conditional on avoiding disturbance to parts of the reserve. There is an area close to the second-last control on courses 1-8 that contains extremely rare plant life. This area is bounded by a road and will be taped off. The courses avoid this area, and no advantage can be gained by entering. 

Use of Shrone Hill is similarly conditional on maintaining good relations with the local landowners. As a result all fenced agricultural land to the South of Shrone Hill is out of bounds. Again this is clearly marked on the maps. Any competitor seen entering these areas will be disqualified.

Start times
Start times for all courses are from 11.00 (11.00am) to 13.00 (1.00pm).
The start list is available on the Fabian4 website.
A 5-minute call-up will be in operation. It is your own responsibility to be on time for your start.

Course Closing times
All courses will close at 15.30 (3.30pm).

Assembly Area/Information
The Assembly Area will be located within Glengarriff Nature Reserve, Irish Grid Reference V 918 569 
(51.7547N, -9.5661W).

An information desk will be located in the Assembly Area, for the payment or rebate of monies and SI card hire and return. Printed results will also be displayed in the Assembly Area.

After finishing, you must download your card at the SI Download station, which will be located 200m from the Finish. Please ensure you download before leaving the area. Failure to comply with this could lead to WASTEFUL & UNNECESSARY "search & rescue" operations being initiated on your behalf - you will also be disqualified from the competition. 
All non-finishers must report back to the finish & SI download station.

Safety Information
  • Whistles will be compulsory on all three days of the Shamrock O-Ringen, and a ‘No Whistle, No Go’ rule will be strictly enforced.  
  • Full leg cover is obligatory. 
  • Competitors should also assume that cagoules could be mandatory on Day 2 if the weather is bad. 
  • All competitors should carry a compass and be able to use one. 
  • Absolutely no dogs will be allowed on the terrain, at the finish or at the assembly area.
  • This is both sheep and deer country, be aware of ticks & check yourself after your run.
  • Courses 1 - 8 will cross a quiet, minor road. Competitors are asked to take care when crossing this road and please do not take chances with oncoming traffic. 

Portaloo toilets will be situated at the Assembly Area.

Control Descriptions
Loose control descriptions will be available at the Start boxes.

Water Stations
Water will be available at the Finish. 

Update Wednesday 27th May: The organisers have decided that a water station will also be available at one control that is common to Courses 1, 2 and 3. The location of this water station will be indicated on the loose control description sheets (but not on the pre-printed maps).

Course 1 competitors should bring their own energy gels, if required.

Course Classes  Length Climb Number of Controls   Start
Map Scale
(5m contour interval)
1 M21E
10.0km 440m 29
2 M35, M40L
7.7km 360m 24  S21:10000
3 M18, M45, M50, W21E 7.0km 340m 22  S21:10000
4 M21S, M55L, M60, W18, W21L 4.8km 255m 22  S21:10000
5 M55S, W45, W50, W55L 3.8km 175m 16  S21:10000
6 M16, M65, W21S, W40S 3.5km 180m 18  S21:10000
7 M70, W16, W55S, W60, W65 2.8km 105m 12  S21:10000
8 M75, W70 1.9km 60m 13  S21:10000
9 M14, W14 2.6km 30m 8  S11:10000
10 M10, M12, W10, W12 1.4km 20m  6  S11:10000

Route Analysis
The leaders of Courses 1 and 3 will be invited to give a brief presentation of their routes on Sunday evening at the Glengarrif Park Hotel at 8.30pm.  Both the middle distance (Saturday) Cobdubh and classic Shrone will be up for discussion.